YJ Zhilong Mini 3×3 M


YJ Zhilong Mini 3×3 M is as the name suggests a miniature variant of a 3×3. In addition, it is magnetic, which means that small strong magnets inside the pieces help you pull the layers in place when you make turns. With its 50 mm, it is the same size as a standard 2×2. The cube fits surprisingly well in the hands and this speedcube is excellent for speed solving!

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Before your cube is shipped, we lubricate it with a combination of lubes suitable for YJ Zhilong Mini 3x3 M.

Customize your lube service by selecting up to three lubes.

Luxurious modding for the YJ Zhilong Mini 3x3 M including application of three types of lubes and complete adjustment for the ultimate experience.
  • Adjustment of screws and springs
  • Lubrication of pieces
  • Core-lubrication (washers, springs, screws)

Customize your deluxe lubrication and adjustments to fit your preferences.

Select a lube for core lubrication. We recommend heavy, high-viscosity lubes.


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