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We are a Swedish store with a focus on speedcubes and twisty puzzles. We launched in 2012 and have become the biggest speedcubing store in Scandinavia. We believe that a happy customer is a repeat customer. Therefore we aim to provide the best service we can give, rather than cheap or short term solutions. We believe that good customer support is vital to every business, and we strive to solve any problems as smoothly and quickly as possible. In addition to that, we have a lot of experience with speedcubing and speedcubes. We happily answer any and all questions we receive, and if you need help with anything we are glad to help.

A happy customer is a repeat customer. Thereby we always do our best to keep you satisfied.

Why Shop At Cuboss?

Our Team

Viktor Strindell

My name is Viktor and one of my biggest interests is speedcubing! I have combined cubing along with my passion for business into one with Cuboss. I’ve been running this website since 2012 and I’m still loving it. I’m experienced in speedsolving and have been to a bunch of competitions. I have also tried every single twisty puzzle you can find in the shop. So I’m happy to answer all of your questions, no matter how complex.


Anton Strindell

I learned how to solve the cube around the year 2010. I really liked how impressed friends and family would be whenever I demonstrated a solve, which was the motivation for me to continue cubing. My role at Cuboss is mainly focused around keeping everything up and running, as well as developing new features. I enjoy interacting with our customers, and if you shoot us an email, chances are I will be the one answering your questions and helping you find your next speedcube!


Daniel Wallin
Cube specialist

My name is Daniel Wallin, and I am the latest addition to Cuboss! I’ve been speedsolving for over 10 years and participated in over 100 competitions, including a total of 12 medals at the European and World championships. In addition, I am the European record holder in, among other things, 4×4 blindfolded. At Cuboss, however, you’ll notice me, in customer support and social media. In addition to lubricating and packing cubes, I will deal with a little bit of everything.

12 thoughts on “About us

  1. GiovanniBlasi says:

    I have a question, I live in Italy, I am really looking forward to placing an order, unfortunately I can’t really get it shipped directly to my home because it contains a gift. Is there a way to get the order shipped somewhere like an amazon locker, of course non an amazon one. I know that here in Italy the Rete Punto Poste offers some places where to ship online purchases, conveniently there is one right next to me, but e e-commerce has to be “associated” with rete punto poste. Are you associated, can you do that? Thank you very much

    • Anton says:

      Thank you for your question! Unfortunately we are not associated with Rete Punto Poste. The closest solution we can offer is that you choose “DHL Parcel Connect” as the delivery method. That way you can choose to have the package delivered to a DHL Service Point near you.

      • GiovanniBlasi says:

        Thatnk you very much, I knew rhat way around but I didn’t want to pay 15 EUR for the shipment, I will find another solution
        Again thank you

  2. Davor Jukić says:

    Is it possible to get the 5 euro basic shipping for Croatia? It’s advertised that EU gets cheaper shipping, but I can’t find the option to select basic shipping,

    • Viktor Strindell says:

      Unfortunately not in the short term. The reason for this is because the basic shipping method hands the parcel over to the local postal service in the destination country. For some reason our parcels seems to keep getting lost when we ship them to Croatia, which of course is not acceptable. Thereby we have disabled basic shipping to Croatia. It is important for us to guarantee that the shipment will reach the customer and for now that is something we can only guarantee with DHL.

  3. Gigi says:

    I discovered this site because I was looking online for the 4×4 Calendar cube. I ordered some cubes this week… I was impressed by the time they arrived, super fast! I couldn’t believe it and the puzzles were great and well packaged! (Obviously I’ve placed another order)
    Thank you for everything, I hope to see more and more puzzles here.
    Best regards,

  4. Jackson Yuen says:

    Hello, I saw advertisements on your cubes on Instagram, and wanted to purchase a couple to try them out. Unfortunately I can’t as I’m in the USA. I saw in a comment that it may be possible to still get them. Is that still a possibility? If so it would be appreciated, as I want to give you my business and experience Cuboss cubes!

    • Viktor Strindell says:

      Hi. Thank you for your inquiry! Yes, we can probably do that for you. Send an email to us through the contact form and someone will help you out.

  5. Aiden says:

    we are interested in the GAN 11 M Pro or the GAN 12 Leap. From the website I cannot tell if the cube comes with the bag and the protection box. Can you confirm it these accessories are included?
    On the other hand, would you rather recommend another one similar to these cubes? I am speed cubing for a while now and have already done a wca tournament.

    • Viktor Strindell says:

      They do both come with the GAN Bag and the protection box. 🙂
      Both of them are great cubes! If you want to look into something else, some of my favorites include Dayan TengYun M and Weilong WR M 2021.
      Best regards,

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