Cuboss Speedcube Reviews

On this page we publish our reviews of the market’s most popular speedcubes! The models we choose to review are a mix of the best and most affordable cubes available for purchase. They are divided by competition event, and sorted with the best model first.

We of course use Cuboss’s own innovative and informative review system, popularized on our YouTube channel. Specs like the puzzle’s speed, performance, magnets, adjustment system and accessories are weighted and added up to a final rating – the model’s “Cuboss Score”, displayed in the bottom right corner of each review.












How Cuboss Speedcube reviews work

These Speedcube review images are a summary of our in-depth testing here at Cuboss. The reviews are completely independent and are not information that we have received from the companies that make them.

When we test the cubes, we lubricate and adjusted them for optimal performance. So if you feel your cube doesn’t match our tests, try changing the settings or possibly lubricating your cube. Some cubes may be far from their potential when you first take them out of the box.

The cube reviews must be compared separately within each category. For example, good corner cutting on a 3×3 is over 45 degrees, while 35 degrees is good corner cutting on a 4×4 (in 2023).

Who sets the score?

The points are calculated automatically according to a system that we developed. We test the cube on over 10 different aspects, enter it into our program and then we get a result. We do not put our own preference in these reviews in order to make them as objective as possible. If you want to see what we think about the cubes, you can check out our YouTube channel, where we add a personal touch. There you can see what points we personally give the puzzle and what we think about, for example, the price and the feel of the cube.

Can you review a cube I’m considering?

It is likely! Let us know in a comment below, or on any of our social media: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

Where can I buy the cubes?

All puzzles are available in our shop.

Cuboss Speedcube Reviews in video format

We also do reviews of some puzzles in video format, where we also discuss, for example, the price and feel of the cube. Subscribe to our Youtube channel to see more! Below you will find an example.

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