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Here you have Team Cuboss! We are some of Europe’s best speedcubers. Together, we hold a substantial amount of the national records in different events at official WCA competitions. With many years of experience in speedcubing, we also collaborate with Cuboss to develop various special products, such as premium cubes and lubricants. Below you will find more information if you want to know more about us who make up team Cuboss. If you want to know which cubes we recommend for all WCA puzzles, there are purchase recommendations here.

Daniel Wallin Team Cuboss


My name is Daniel Wallin, and I specialize in 3×3 and blindfolded solving. During the more than 100 competitions I have participated in, I have so far won three Swedish Championship titles in the classic Rubik’s cube, and a total of 77 Swedish Championship medals in various events. At international championships, I have won 12 medals at European Championships or World Championships, and also managed to break the European record 10 times, mainly in the 4×4 blindfolded event.



Hi! My name is Jakob Gunnarsson, and I am a speedcuber from Gothenburg in western Sweden. I have competed in speedcubing since 2015, and in that time, I have managed to break more than 30 different Swedish records. I am top-10 in the world all round, and at the time of writing, I also hold the Swedish record for both single and average in the most prestigious event, the classic 3×3 Rubik’s cube. In addition, I have had two European records, in the events Rubik’s cube with one hand, and Rubik’s cube blindfolded.



Hey! My name is Lukas Noel and I am a 17-year-old speedcuber from Södertälje, Sweden. I learned how to solve the cube in 2016, and soon after that I started my Youtube channel. In 2019 I joined Team Cuboss and since then I’ve made tons of videos on everything from cube reviews to solves. In the meantime, I have also competed all over the country, which I think is the best thing about speedcubing!



My name is Toni Beljo. I am 17 years old, come from Värnamo in Sweden, and I am in the third year of high school. My first speedcubing competition was Norrkubing in 2015 and I’ve been hooked ever since. My favorite events are 3×3-6×6 and Pyraminx, but the one I’m clearly the best at is 4×4, where I’m currently top 20 in the world. When I’m not cubing, I exercise a lot, play the guitar and watch some movies.

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