This page has answers to frequently asked questions that we can give general answers to. If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to send us an e-mail via our contact form.

What are the delivery times?

Orders are usually processed within one working day after we have received payment. When the order has been processed, the delivery time varies depending on the destination country and your chosen shipping method. You will see an estimated delivery time when you select a shipping method before you complete the order. Most packages will be delivered within a week.

What are the shipping costs?

When the shipping cost has been calculated it is clearly visible in the cart and checkout before you place your order.

DHL: There are generally two delivery options, DHL Express and DHL Economy. The prices of both of these options depend on the delivery location. In most cases, the price depends on the distance from Sweden to your location. DHL Express starts at about $20, and DHL Economy starts at about $10.

Remote area delivery: DHL Parcels can be delivered directly to your door. For deliveries to remote areas, DHL charges a fee somewhere around $20. If this applies to you, you will see this fee in the cart before you place your order.

Where is Cuboss based?

Cuboss is based in Sweden. All orders are sent from our warehouse in Sweden within 24 hours of receiving payment. Since Sweden is part of the European Union, European customers do not have to pay for any customs or import fees upon arrival. The products are imported from original manufacturers all over the world.

What does corner cutting mean?

When you turn the cube quickly you will inevitably loose some accuracy. With the classic original cube you had to align the layers before you could make your move. With modern speedcubes the layers can be missaligned and you will still be able to turn the layers. The cube will “cut corners” and snap into place.

What does popping mean?

When a cube “pops” it means that one or more pieces fall out of the puzzle. Don’t worry, this does not mean that the cube is broken. Just like a jigsaw puzzle the pieces in your cube is only held in place by the other pieces. You simple need to put the pieces back in place and your cube is good to go again.

How to avoid popping

If your cube pops often your puzzle might be too loose. Every single cube we sell in our shop is adjustable, and to tighten the puzzle all you have to do is tighten a few screws. The screws you can find underneath the six caps on the center pieces. The caps are easily removed by hand. For best result, turn each screw the same amount. Often one or two full turns on each screw will do the trick.

What does corner twist mean?

A corner twist is what we call it when a corner turns around its own axis. When a corner turns in place like this the cube will become unsolvable with regular turns. To fix this you must grab a corner piece and turn it into correct position (just like in the gif).

How to avoid corner twists

If you often encounter corner twists it could mean your cube is too loose. To adjust the tension in the cube you have to remove the caps on the centerpieces on each six sides. Underneath them you will find screws. Turn the screws clockwise to tighten the puzzle. For best result, tighten each side the same amount.

My cube is not solved and I think I have a corner twist. How do I know which one to turn?

This might seem a bit odd, but it actually doesn’t matter which corner piece you turn. Only the amount of turns. As you can see in the GIF the corner piece has three positions and one of them is correct. This means that if you turn a corner piece randomly you have a 1/3 chance that the piece will be in the correct position. Now you can try to solve the cube again. If it doesn’t work, turn it one more time and now it should be solvable again. Make sure you always turn the piece the same direction. Another method is to solve the cube up until the last step – in which it should be pretty clear which rotation the piece should have. From a solved position the cube is always solvable again.

Can I compete with a stickerless cube?

Yes, you are allowed to compete with a stickerless cube.

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