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World class Speedcubes deserve world class service

Even the best Speedcube can be improved. Lubrication really gives that final touch for a great feeling puzzle.

Cuboss Rapid Bottle


Lube is a great way to balance control and speed. Use light lubes to bring slower cubes up to the speed level you need, and use heavy lube to control overly fast speedcubes.

Cubicle Silk


Lube can significantly change the overall feel of the puzzle. Make a dry, sandy cube feel soft and smooth with the right application of lubrication.

Cubicle Silicone Lube - Weight 5


The right lube will make a loud and clacky cube a lot more pleasant and lubricating springs and washers can completely eliminate spring noise.



Lube can bring a dry cube to its maximum potential. When the layers easily slide into place, the ability for a cube to corner cut can be greatly improved.

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Lube service

We combine at least two lubricants to bring your cube to its maximum potential, giving you a puzzle that is fast and smooth straight out of the box. With our many years of experience we are able to select the right combination of lube perfectly suited for your cube model.

For core lubrication and adjustment, select the Deluxe package.

To order lube service, simply check this box on the product page.



Deluxe package

Lubricating the pieces of the puzzle is a great way to improve the speed and feeling of the puzzle. However, if you want to unlock the cube’s maximum potential the Deluxe package is your best option. Adjusting the puzzle to remove friction, add stability and enable further corner cutting is one of the best ways to improve your cube’s performance.

The deluxe package includes:

Lubrication between the pieces

Adjustment of screws

Balancing of magnet strength (where available)

Fine-tuning of spring tensioning (where avilable)

Core lubrication of springs, washers and screws

A minimum of three types of lubricants will be used, one for the core and two for the pieces.

To apply the deluxe package, check this box on the product page.



Cuboss Premium

Cuboss Premium is for you who are looking for that little extra in your speedcube. Here we have selected only the best models in each category of competition puzzles – everything from the classic 3×3 (Rubik’s cube) to all WCA puzzles. The puzzles we have selected we lubricate and adjust optimally for each specific model. In addition, you can choose for yourself whether your cube should be set up to become really fast, or a little slower and more controllable.

Cuboss Premium includes:

Optimal adjustment of screws and settings

Lubrication of the puzzle’s core (screws, springs and washers)

Precise and thorough lubrication of the pieces

Exclusive Cuboss Premium logo on your puzzle

A minimum of four types of lubricants will be used, one for the core and three for the pieces.

Included accessories: Cube stand and Cuboss Premium cube storage bag

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Prefer doing it yourself? We offer all the lubrication you will ever need to create the ultimate speedcube on your own. Some benefits of DIY includes personal customization and monetary savings in the long run, especially if you have a big collection of puzzles. Check out our lube comparison guide here.

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