Cuboss Christmas Gift Project 2022

Lovely to see that you have found our Christmas gift project! Cubes are perfect Christmas gifts for children of all ages and we know that many cubes are on kids’ wish lists. Unfortunately, however, not everyone can afford to buy presents and in many homes there is nothing under the Christmas tree. For many, things are particularly tough this year due to inflation and skyrocketing energy prices. That’s why we thought we’d join in and help spread Christmas joy to more people!

Gift Project 2022 Organisations

For every order during Black week*, we will donate a Christmas present (an extra cube!) to a child in need. The distribution takes place via various organizations in Sweden where families can apply for support for Christmas presents, including the organizations “Stöd in Uppsala”, “Julklappsprojektet i Halmstad”, “Julklappshjälpen i Värmdö” and “Heart for People” (which helps poor children in India) to name some.


The cubes we are going to donate will be a mix of different difficulty levels so that they can be adapted to different age groups. Among others, we will give away cubes from MoYu’s training series, Qiyi’s 2x2x3 and of course the classic 3×3 cube.


How you can help

If you were already looking to order some cubes for Christmas, you can help out by simply placing an order during Black Week (November 21-27) and we will give away an extra cube, at no extra cost to you. If you are not in need of any cubes and still want to help, you can physically leave a Christmas present at one of the Nordic Choice Hotels located all over Scandinavia, Finland and the Baltics. You can read more about the project Lonely Christmas Tree seeking presents on their website.

* The order value must be at least €20 for your order to be part of our Christmas gift project.