What happens when a cube pops?

When a cube pops, it means that one or more pieces fall out of the cube. Usually when this happens, the cube is not broken.

A Rubik’s cube or speedcube is made up of a number of small pieces that are held together by the pressure created from the other pieces in the cube. Like a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces in a twisty puzzle hook into each other to create something greater. And just like the jigsaw puzzle, if it falls apart, all we have to do is put the pieces back in place again.

If you need to assemble a popped cube and are unsure of how to do it, we recommend searching YouTube for “How to assemble [your cube here]“. If you need assistance, contact us here.

How To Avoid Popping

If your cube pops frequently, it is probably too loosely adjusted. A cube that is too loose doesn’t have enough internal tension to keep its pieces together.

All modern speedcubes are adjustable. The most common design you’ll find is that there are screws located in the center of each side of the cube. When you tighten the screws, they press down on metal springs. As the springs get tighter, the cube’s internal tension increases, which increases the stability of the cube.

Please note that if you tighten the cube too hard, the increased friction will slow the cube down and hurt performance. The best way to find a perfect balance is to turn a full or half turn on each screw and then test the cube. If it feels like the cube is still too loose, repeat the process until you’re satisfied.

It is important that you turn each screw equally, otherwise the cube will have uneven tension. This can make the cube feel strange, perform poorly and it may even pop more frequently.

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