Cuboss Premium Qiyi Magnetic Clock

From: 38.99 

Cuboss Premium Qiyi Magnetic Clock is our premium variant of the Qiyi Magnetic Clock, which you can read more about here.

Our Cuboss Premium speedcubes are the absolute best cubes you can buy in our shop, and are carefully lubricated and adjusted to get the maximum performance out of each cube. If you want your speedcube to be smooth and fast right out of the box, choose Premium Fast. If, on the other hand, you want the cube to be heavily lubricated (slow) when you receive it, but then have it speed up with use and remain controllably fast even after thousands of solves, then choose Premium Control. Read more about how we make a Cuboss Premium speedcube in the description below.

Included accessories:

The two exclusive premium skins / inserts are already mounted when you recieve your Clock.
Cube storage bagCuboss Premium Background skinCuboss Premium background skin back

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