GAN 356 RS 2 3×3

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The GAN 356 RS 2 3×3 is a high-performance speedcube with an upgraded mechanism from GAN. The cube is a modern version of the GAN 356 RS with many of the latest technologies from their more luxurious cubes, for example “dual adjustment“. GAN’s cubes have been among the most popular cubes in recent years, but they have also often been on the more costly side. Although this cube is not magnetic, the GAN 356 RS 2 3×3 is still a perfect choice for those who want to be economical but still try a modern speedcube from GAN.

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Before your cube is shipped, we lubricate it with a combination of lubes suitable for GAN 356 RS 2 3x3.

Customize your lube service by selecting up to three lubes.

Luxurious modding for the GAN 356 RS 2 3x3 including application of three types of lubes and complete adjustment for the ultimate experience.
  • Adjustment of screws and springs
  • Lubrication of pieces
  • Core-lubrication (washers, springs, screws)

Customize your deluxe lubrication and adjustments to fit your preferences.

Select a lube for core lubrication. We recommend heavy, high-viscosity lubes.


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