Moyu Weilong GTS3 M is discontinued

Hi there! This product is out of stock and will not return to our shop. We have chosen an alternative product we think is a good replacement:

Moyu Weilong WR M 2021 MagLev is the latest cube in the well-known Weilong series. This speedcube has all the latest technologies, the hottest one being ... (read more)

Moyu Weilong GTS3 M


If you’re looking for a cube that sticks out from the rest, then you’re in the right place! The Moyu Weilong GTS3 M has a brand new adjustment system which makes it easy to adjust the spring tension on the fly, without needing to change them. In addition to this, the cube has small ridges along the edges and corners making it easier to keep a stable grip on the cube. The GTS3 M is also without a doubt Moyu’s fastest cube! Read more below.

Out of stock

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