X-Man Shadow 6x6 M is discontinued

Hi there! This product is out of stock and will not return to our shop. We have chosen an alternative product we think is a good replacement:

The YJ MGC 6x6 is a top-quality magnetic 6x6 speedcube. This cube is one of the fastest 6x6-cubes we've ever seen up until 2020. It's also stable and resistant ... (read more)

X-Man Shadow 6×6 M


The X-Man Shadow 6×6 M is the magnetic version of the X-Man Shadow 6×6. This means that there are small magnets on the inside of the pieces that pulls the cube into its correct position, giving it more stability and makes it easier to handle. The cube is magnetized at manufacturing and is created with magnets in mind. Small pockets are made for the magnets for them to stably sit in the correct position.

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Before your cube is shipped, we lubricate it with a combination of lubes suitable for X-Man Shadow 6x6 M.

Customize your lube service by selecting up to three lubes.