DIY Force Cubes (6 cubes)

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Do you want to build your own colorful cubes? In this bundle you get six regular RS3M 2020 speedcubes, which you can then take apart and reassemble to make so-called force cubes. With six cubes, you have enough cubes to make six different cubes of a single color just like in the picture. You can also, of course, change as you like and create new fun cubes and patterns. In the picture gallery, as an example, we have moved pieces to create a Swedish flag cube. Read more about how to do this below.

If you want, it is of course also possible to buy this bundle just to get a discount on 6 standard RS3M 2020s as well.

ATTENTION! The cubes are not delivered in one color as in the picture. It’s just an example of what you can create.

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