Moyu Weilong AI - 3x3 Smart cube is discontinued

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GAN 356 i 3 - Smart Cube
The GAN 356 i 3 is a smart cube from the speedcube manufacturer and luxury brand GAN. This is a cube that you connect to your phone via Bluetooth to, among ... (read more)

Moyu Weilong AI – 3×3 Smart cube

Original price was: 69.99 €. i Current price is: 49.99 €.

Moyu Weilong AI is a 3×3 smart cube from the speedcube manufacturer Moyu. The cube is based on the extremely popular Weilong WR M and is thus one of the best cubes for fast solutions while being a smart cube. The fact that the cube is “smart” means that you can connect it to your mobile to track your solutions and, for example, automatically start timing when you solve and automatically pause the time as soon as the cube is solved.

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