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3×3 Multi-Blind Bundle


Do you want to try 3×3 Multi-Blind but don’t have any cubes to use? Then you don’t have to look any further – here you have the perfect bundle! You get nine cubes of the MoYu Meilong 3×3 type. It is a very affordable budget cube that is unusually well suited for the blindfold solving. This is because the cube has few lockups and well-performing inner layers, and also comes without a logo on the white side (perfect due to logos not being allowed during competitive blindfolded solving nowadays). As the icing on the cake, we include a free Cuboss blindfold with every purchase, value € 3.99. Excluding the blindfold, you only pay € 2.89 per cube – an incredible deal.

Need more cubes than just nine for your Multi-Blind solving? Then just buy more than one bundle! Read more about the competition event 3×3 Multi-Blind below.

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